Searching Entrepreneurs

Only exceptional talents, who are ready to embark on an exceptional journey, are chosen for our ETA program. Learn more about our current cohort of NCA Searching Entrepreneurs below.

Erick Azen

Viktor Dimitrov

Markus Graeber

Fryderyk Rdułtowski

Vanessa Monestel

Ryan Wright

Robert Wagner

Manjunath Bhat

Ram Sriram

Rohit Saravanan

David Lin

Darwin Salicrup

Marc Decoste

Adam Salmen

Samantha Freeman

Nicoletta Nutrito

Andreas Franz

David Widmer

Olivier Guillebert

Alejandro Salcedo

Aron Szabo

Juan Fernández

Erika O'Brien

Ben Boenk

Frédéric Dufour

Lisa Piercey

Dean Curran

Marcin Chruściel

Jordan Frank

Bill Balliette

Bill Balliette

Jim Kelly

Simon Farmer

Martine Legault

Eyal Kaplan

Javier Fernández

Paulo Ribeirinho

Max Koutny

Paolo Ciarlariello

Brooks Bergreen

Philip Benson

Once Searching Entrepreneurs complete a successful acquisition they become NCA CEOs.


Following a successful acquisition, our Searching Entrepreneurs become CEOs and step into a leadership role at their new companies. NCA supports CEOs in value creation and serves on the boards alongside other co-investors. Learn more about our CEOs and their companies below.

Sébastien Perroud


Jan Nikolaisen

CEO Grupo Dalt

Mike Hindi

CEO GreenLogistics

Waldemar Pilch

CEO ForMeds

Will Hunnam

CEO Forza Doors

George Berczely


David Miller

CEO Chapter One Sportswear Inc.

Nick Akers

CEO STL Communications

Nathan Taylor

CEO Water Runner, Inc.

Daniel Coutinho

CEO Foo Seng

Viktor Dimitrov

CEO Med-Systeme GmbH