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How Does Our Program Work?

We pair exceptional entrepreneurs with SMEs who are facing a succession challenge.

What we look for in entrepreneurs

Who Can Join Our Program?

Meet Elena, our Co-founder, on the key attributes of an NCA Entrepreneur.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Soft & Hard Skills
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What we look for in talents

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What It Means

What It Means
To Partner With NCA:
A New Professional Path

Meet NCA Entrepreneur Jan Nikolaisen

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What Is Our Selection Process Like?

Selection Process

In order to join our ETA program and become an NCA Entrepreneur, please complete our online Application Form. Be ready to submit your CV and two professional references, along with a Cover Letter that details why you would like to participate in our program and which industry/sector your search will be focused on.
Interviews & Assessment Center
There are 1-3 rounds of 1-hour interviews with NCA human resources and NCA internal team members. Candidates will also be asked to complete a timed online financial skill test. After the final interview, candidates will be given a week to complete a business case in order to review the candidates’ strategic and financial proficiency. In the final stage, successful candidates will be given 3-4 weeks to prepare a presentation of their investment case, to be presented to NCA and NCA external advisory representatives at our assessment center. Further details and instructions will be provided upon invitation.
Investment Case Preparation
In the week following assessment, successful candidates will continue fundraising preparation. The next month will be spent collaborating with NCA to prepare a detailed investment case. NCA will provide guidance and assistance with: PPM (Private Placement Memorandum), candidate profiles, interview preparation, and any other documents necessary to present the investment opportunity to investors.
After developing a thorough investment case, NCA will commence a roadshow targeting relevant investors within our investor base, allowing us to pitch your investment case together to raise the necessary search capital. During this phase, we highly encourage our candidates to leverage their own networks and bring a potential investor to support their case alongside NCA and NCA’s core investor base.
Official Enrollment
After the Search Capital has been raised – Congratulations! You are officially an NCA Entrepreneur! At this stage, to sign with NCA, you will need to provide criminal and financial records or a certificate of good standing, and a copy of your passport and work permit.

    Have we sparked your interest?
    Read our FAQs below to learn more.


    Our first cohort of Entrepreneurs started in 2H 2020. You can see their bios on our website.

    In order to be selected for our program, candidates have to demonstrate substantial experience in one or more of our industries of interest. Please visit our Business Owners & Intermediaries page for more details about our industries of interest.

    Yes, our team of analysts and our Chief Investment Officer will support and mentor our Entrepreneurs during the acquisition deal process. Sound financial experience is a must; previous M&A experience is desired, but not compulsory.

    Of course, and we encourage women to apply! We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and all submitted CVs pass through the same application process, regardless of gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, race, political affiliation, marital status, disability, age, parental status, or any other non-merit factor.

    NCA’s company language is English and, in addition to English, you must fluently speak the language of the region where you plan to focus your search.

    We partner with highly motivated individuals who have proven operational track records in their target industries. Some key characteristics of successful Entrepreneurs include strong self-motivation and work ethic, highly developed interpersonal and sales skills, and the ability to execute and implement. Additionally, talents must be willing to undergo a comprehensive selection process and be willing to take risks in their career, embracing uncertainty and challenge, in order to achieve the long-term benefits of partnering with us.

    For the time being NCA is focused on Western Europe, specifically in the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). This will be followed by the rest of Europe and the USA in 2021.

    No, we only partner with solo-entrepreneurs with solid operational experience in their industries of interest. In our view, NCA as a partner will add more value to the Entrepreneur than another Entrepreneur. Additionally, our partnership scheme is economically more compelling for Entrepreneurs than typical partnered searches.

    During the 24-month search phase, our Entrepreneurs receive a monthly stipend that covers reasonable expenses. Some of our Entrepreneurs decide to open a limited company for the duration of the search; others register as freelancers in their country of search and invoice us monthly. It is up to the Entrepreneurs to decide which legal setup works best for her/him. After they acquire a company and become its CEO, they will receive market-standard salaries plus a highly attractive profit share scheme that fully aligns the Entrepreneur’s incentives with those of their co-investors’.

    Yes, you will have a small budget for travel expenses such as attending fairs, conferences, etc. to network within your industry of choice.

    No, our Entrepreneurs are dedicated full time to their search. It is a very intense process and therefore cannot be combined with another job.

    No, since each of our Entrepreneurs is focused on specific geographies and industries, they do not compete for acquisition opportunities. On the contrary, they collaborate by sharing deals between them based on their geographic and industry preferences. NCA will also ensure that deal allocation is fairly distributed between Entrepreneurs.

    Once the Entrepreneur identifies an attractive company, and all due diligence and negotiations have been successfully conducted, the deal is presented to the co-investors that financed that Entrepreneur’s search. Once enough co-investors approve the deal and fund its needed equity, the deal can move forward and the Entrepreneur becomes the company’s CEO.

    Decisions are jointly made between the Board of Directors and the CEO. The Board of Directors will include three members: one NCA representative, one co-investor representative, and one industry expert representing the Entrepreneur.