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I grew up in Colorado and was raised in an entrepreneurial family, working at my father’s computer software business through Highschool and college. And while I was later offered the reigns of the company when my father wanted to retire, I was only a senior in college at the time, and not old or experienced enough to take on the challenge.

After completing an undergraduate degree from the University of Denver in Finance, I continued my formal education by earning a Master’s in Global Entrepreneurship at Babson College. In my early career, I started a consulting company, and co-founded a biofuels company in the US. Over the past 15 years I was blessed to have had the opportunity to work in global leadership roles across China, Germany and England for multinational Industrial manufacturing companies ( including Bayer Corp). I am now looking to bring these globally acquired skills back to the US and lead a company in the lower middle market.

Core Competencies

  • High integrity
  • Entrepreneurial thinker
  • Strategically minded
  • Results oriented
  • Team player


I am looking for a private, well-established industrial or manufacturing company, possibly facing succession issues, which needs marketing and management for continued growth.

This company will ideally have deep technical knowhow and is in the mountain west region of the USA. Ultimately, it’s about finding a company where our values align, and I can see a potential for meaningful impact through our investment and management. Initially, I am looking for profitable chemicals, basic materials, and advanced manufacturing firms with sales in the $10-30 M range.

My Contribution

When you look at my career, you will see that I have a track record of increasing responsibility- most recently holding positions in senior global management and trusted to lead the strategic vision of several $50M+ business units, managing large cross-functional teams and innovation projects, and driving strategy & implementation to grow both top line and bottom-line results.

While it ultimately depends on what the company needs to grow, my experience in Consulting, Marketing, Strategy and Management will be the foundation of my contribution.

NCA Entrepreneur

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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison

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