NCA Entrepreneur


I grew up in New Hampshire and spent much of my career in the greater Boston area before moving to Vermont with my wife. After starting my first company at 15 years old, I realized my passion for both entrepreneurship and leadership. I've now launched multiple startups, served on company boards, and even helped large companies develop their own intrapreneurial endeavors. As I seek my next challenge, I see a company acquisition as an exciting new way to continue my entrepreneurial journey.

Key Skills

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Operational Excellence
  • Problem Solving


I'm seeking to acquire a profitable, small to medium-sized light manufacturing company or manufacturing service provider in the US that I can help take to the next stage of growth.

Ideally, this company will have a loyal, diversified customer base with significant recurring revenue and be facing a succession issue.

My contribution

I've spent my career building companies, physical products, and teams across several industries, including defense, aerospace, semiconductors, energy, and even cannabis.

I understand not only how to design, manufacture, and deliver physical products efficiently and effectively from my background in lean, six sigma, and project management, but more importantly, I understand how to grow and scale these types of businesses.

NCA Entrepreneur

The NCA Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Program accompanies the next generation of exceptional talents on every stage of their entrepreneurial path.

My contact details

I'd rather be completely exhausted from hard times which breed success... than well rested from achieving nothing