NCA Entrepreneur
2021 2023



I spent the first 15-years of my career in engineering and operations management for a major blue-chip company. This time was initially focused on hands on marine and mechanical engineering before growing to manage global operations of four assets with large teams and operating budgets.

This was followed by a move into investment management, including roles as CEO and then Co-Founding and growing my owner digital company in the industry. Nevertheless, I have always considered myself as an engineer first and foremost.
For this search, it will be exciting to bring together my engineering and senior management experience, applying this to a single SME business with great growth potential.


This search will utilise all my past experience, I’m looking for a strong UK-based business in either;

  • Engineering services – support, service or consulting - working with business customers in high growth sectors such as alternative fuel vehicles, renewable energy, energy storage including batteries and ventilation heating & cooling systems.

  • Light manufacturing - high value-add and low capital-intensive manufacturing with business customer across multiple high growth segments.

A suitable business will be characterised by being well established with 10+ years of trading; be financially stable, producing positive cash flows; but might be facing growth challenges despite servicing high growth sectors.


The right target business will be one that requires digitisation of processes to improve operational efficiency, sharper financial management and will respond well to my lean and dynamic management approach.

I bring a hands-on approach and flat management style to lead large multi-functional teams through strategic change, including new product launches and international market expansion.
Being very details focus and with a strong competitive theme running throughout everything that I do, approaching every opportunity looking for continuous improvement.

For, in the end, it is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life.
And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.

Jim Collins
Researcher, author, speaker and consultant on business management.