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Rohith Saravanan is a dynamic physician executive adept at assessing needs, developing solutions, and implementing positive changes to achieve sustainability and growth in challenging market conditions. He is exceptional at building teams and strengthening strategic business relationships. He has a history of streamlining clinical operations, increasing revenue, and reducing costs to maximize value. People describe him as an inspirational leader with a humanitarian spirit. He has a proven track record of success and thrives in a progressive growth environment. With his broad educational background and varied management and clinical experience, he is the definition of a well-rounded healthcare leader that boards, investors, and other executives can depend on.

Key Skills

  • Creative Innovation
  • High Endurance
  • Utmost Integrity
  • Enthusiastic Confidence
  • Steadfast Virtue


As a physician executive there isn’t anyone else that is better positioned to navigate the fine balance between clinical care delivery and the business of medicine.

His main motivation is to help elevate healthcare delivery in the United States, enhancing patient experience, improving outcomes, reducing costs, and improving the work life balance for clinicians and staff. He is in search of a small to medium size enterprise that is privately owned, that he can help nurture and grow to achieve its full potential. He would love to get to know you, your business, your mission, and help continue the legacy you have built. Please reach out to him directly to learn more. He looks forward to hearing from you.

His contribution

Throughout his career, Rohith has strived for excellence in education and experiential learning. He has never been too shy to take on a stretch assignment and excel at it.

He routinely under promises and over delivers. His unique style combines inspirational leadership along with humility, a commanding presence, and a calming demeanor. He cares deeply about people, develops leaders in all those he touches and has a strong heart for community service.

NCA Entrepreneur

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