NCA Entrepreneur
2021 2023



I was born and raised in the Mid-West, where I continue to reside with my family. My 20 year career began as the founding CEO of a company to commercialize my inventions in advanced materials relating to energy storage.

Subsequently, I held both sales and operations leadership roles in highly regulated and technical manufacturing industries.  I have had the opportunity to apply my skills through considerable international activities as well.


My search is focused on business-to-business manufacturers of specialty chemical or ingredients, particularly in the food and nutrition value chain.

This approach leverages the most recent decade of my career where we can capture known opportunities to drive value creation.


I strive to practice a humble and inclusive leadership style to create an environment where every employee can grow to their fullest potential.

I derive great fulfillment in leading teams to solve complex challenges and delivering quality solutions for our customers. I am looking forward to applying my skills through this search fund endeavor and adding value to our future partner.

The strength of the team is each member. 
The strength of each member is the team.

Phil Jackson
Coach and former professional basketball player