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I am a British/Austrian citizen who has lived and worked in ten countries and decided to settle down in Spain for its great people and way of living and working. More than 20 years of experience in logistics and consulting have imbued me with a passion for building strong teams. I feel best working shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues and knowing that we can always do more to delight our customers and grow our business.

Core competencies

  • Servant Leadership
  • Strategic Vision
  • Resilience
  • Results Achiever
  • Humility


I am looking for a Spanish company providing B2B services, with yearly revenues of €10-50m. The ideal company would have a long-established track record and a solid reputation, a stable customer base and a strong, consolidated team.

I am particularly interested in companies related to logistics and adjacent services.

My contribution

In most of my professional life, I have been transforming companies to achieve their best potential. I will apply this experience to the business I will acquire, defining an ambitious aspiration, mapping out a detailed plan to reach it, and enabling the organization to execute with discipline.

This begins with the team, which I will strive to strengthen and consolidate. Additionally, I will inject my experience in digitalizing and internationalizing the company.

NCA Entrepreneur

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