NCA Entrepreneur
2021 2023




I am a problem solving, execution and results driven senior executive with comprehensive management, leadership and finance experience.

I combine an operational, strategic and financial skills set with extensive knowledge and experience ‒ ideal for leading a company through acceleration and high growth to a mature phase of its life cycle. I am highly skilled in guiding companies through strategically, operationally and financially challenging stages and leveraging their operational strengths and capabilities for exceptional value creation and growth.


I will focus primarily on Polish light and product-centric manufacturing and will be sector agnostic within light manufacturing industries.

I aim to acquire a business with operations in reasonably defined and/or fragmented markets with a potential for strengthening of its operational base, predictable and recurring revenues, recurring customer base, long-term opportunities for growth and defendable competitive advantage.


While fully respecting the heritage of the people who contributed towards business creation and its heritage, I aim to deliver a high-performance business by implementing a cultural shift.

This will focus on the processes of delivering top-class results, rather than just on the results alone. I aim to ensure tangible long-term results, with fundamental process improvements creating sustainable competitive advantages.

It is not enough
to do your best;
you must know what to do,
and then do your best.

W. Edwards Deming
American engineer, statistician, professor and author